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Sol Software, Inc. produces interactive software to help professionals pass standardized, multiple choice tests. Although there are many books available to help people study for various industry-specific exams (including law, insurance, and law enforcement), there are relatively few software programs available which will help applicants practice and hone their test-taking skills.

We are committed to providing you with user-friendly, flexible software designed to drill you on the important elements that are necessary to receive a good score on a variety of career-oriented examinations.

TEST PREPARATION PROVIDERS - The PassRite application can easily be adapted for your test! For more information, please click HERE

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All three versions of PassRite (MBE, MPRE and Combo) have been reworked for 2010.

  • All questions have been reviewed to insure they are in accordance with current law and current versions of the tests.
  • A handy display of how many days to the next exam with an option to view the time to the exam after the next one. If you don't want to see this, it can be turned off with a simple click of the mouse.
  • The interface has been completely updated giving you a choice of 4 different interface themes:

Midnight Theme (Click image for a larger view)

Midnight Theme

Aqua Theme (Click image for a larger view)

Aqua Theme

Silver Theme (Click image for a larger view)

Silver Theme

Standard Theme (Click image for a larger view)

Standard Theme

All screen shots on this website use the Midnight theme.

All PassRite versions include features such as:

  • Choice of timed or untimed question presentation - including a simulated exam which is as close as possible to what you will encounter in a real testing situation.
  • Immediate or delayed feedback of correct answers.
  • Short, concise answers that you can remember easily.
  • Our Artificial Intelligence feature not only selects questions based on your prior performance, but randomizes the answers on subsequent presentation of the question so that you can't just memorize the letter position of the correct answer.
  • Percentage-based scoring and the ability to chart your progress by comparing study session scores.
  • Choice of "second chance" opportunity to re-take questions missed.
  • And much more...

We are confident that you will find our software products easy to use, affordable, informative, and convenient.

Thank you for your support and remember....

A Sol Software Product Is A Smart and Cost-Effective Investment In Your Future!