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PassRite MBE (Multistate Bar Exam)

Interactive Software

Only $119.95!!

Nothing can make preparing for the Multistate Bar Exam fun. PassRite MBE , however, can at least make it easier and more efficient!

PassRite interactive software is not a bar review course. Its purpose is to help you to study for the exam by becoming familiar with the pace and types of questions you will see on the exam. Unlike many bar review products, we provide you with the best answer in short and to-the-point "sound bite" rules. This is by design. If you can memorize a concise rule of law and easily pick it out of the answer choices, you will save a tremendous amount of time. Your advantage will be that you will answer the questions quickly and will probably have time to go back and review your answers before time is up and you have to stop.

In law school you were required to explain your answers in depth, so this answer format may seem, on its face, to be a disadvantage. However, remember that the bar exam bears virtually no resemblance to a law school exam. On the MBE and MPRE, you have no opportunity to explain your answer. They are multiple choice tests with only 4 answers to pick from. Thus, the only thing you need to know is the correct rule of law to identify which of the 4 choices best fits the fact pattern in the question. That's exactly what we give you. No more and no less.

Additionally, the interface is user-friendly and effective but has no glitzy or distracting colors or animation. Again, this is by design. The goal is to have you pay attention to the content, not the wrapping.

With PassRite MBE, you can take full simulated bar exams with randomly chosen questions, choose a specific number of questions in one or more areas of law to study, improve your speed and accuracy using a timed study session, assess your performance in various topics, and much more.

All this in an affordable and convenient package you can install on up to 3 of your computers!

In addition, 1L and 2L students have found it to be a handy tool to help them with their classes. They use the program like electronic flash cards to drill themselves on the rules of law for class exams.

PassRite MBE comes with over 400 questions. The software randomly selects the questions so you will have enough for several complete simulated bar exams.

Main Screen (Click image for a larger view)

Module selection screen

PassRite MBE gives you plenty of help when you need it with lots of tool tips that pop up if you let the mouse hover over something for a couple of seconds.

Tool Tip Example (Click image for a larger view)

Module selection screen

When you launch the program, the Main Screen will show you a variety of options so that you can study in a way that fits your needs.


  • Choose between Untimed or Timed Study Session, or take a Simulated Exam
  • If choosing an Untimed Study Session, you can opt for feedback immediately or at the end of the session.
  • If choosing Immediate Feedback, you can also choose 2nd Chance which will allow you to make up to 2 more guesses before seeing the results.
  • If you are doing a Timed or Untimed Study Session, you can choose the number of questions, and which sub-topic(s) you want to study.
  • A display of how many days to the next exam with an option to view the time to the exam after the next one. If you don't want to see this, it can be turned off with a simple click of the mouse.
  • A simulated Exam always has 200 questions in 2 parts that are timed at 3 hours each.
  • After the 1st part of a Simulated Exam, you can view your results for that part, then return to the Main Screen. You can quit the program and return later. The next time you start the program, click the Start Part 2 button on the Main Screen and you will start the 2nd half.
  • Results are always available at the end of a session, regardless of the type of session you chose.
  • The Results of the last session you did is always available on the Main Screen until you start the next session.
  • The History & Stats button gives you details on every study session you have taken as well as a summary on how you've done in each subject.
  • Most law students who have tried the program found the Untimed Study Session with Immediate Feedback was most useful for using PassRite MBE as a deck of electronic flashcards.
  • There are also menus that allow you to reset your history (clear the data you see when you click History & Stats) or change the font type and size for the Test and Results Screens.

When you click on the Start button on the Main Screen for the first time, PassRite MBE will present you with a random selection of questions. For subsequent study sessions, it uses artificial intelligence to present you with questions based on your past performance. You will be more likely to see questions you have either not seen before, or ones you had trouble with the last time you saw them. This feature will help you learn the material by drilling you in areas where you are weaker.

Test Screen (Click image for a larger view)

Main screen

The Test Screen is designed to be straightforward and present you with questions and answer choices in a clear and cogent manner.

  1. The information available on the tool bars will vary depending on the type of session you are doing.
  2. The timer is visible in the upper right when you take a Timed Study Session or a Simulated Exam. It will count up for a Timed Study Session and count down for the Simulated Exam.
  3. In Simulated Exam mode, there is a bar graph at the bottom of the screen that shows the time remaining. When you reach the 5 minutes left point, it blinks yellow for a few seconds. It will then change to a blinking red for a few seconds when you have only a minute left.
  4. For the Timed Sessions and the Simulated Exam modes, you also have a Pause button on the top bar which allows you to stop the timer if you get called away and don't want to quit the session.
  5. For all types of Sessions, you have a numerical display of your question progress at the top and a graphical bar graph display at the bottom of the screen. The 1st part of a Simulated Exam shows 200 questions, but only goes to question 100. The 2nd part of the Simulated Exam starts at question 101.
  6. The Q Stats button on the top bar can be used to see how you have done in the past on the question you are currently seeing.

On the actual MBE, many questions refer back to one fact pattern (called a Story in PassRite MBE). Many times these Stories can be quite long. To accommodate this, PassRite MBE shows these Stories in a collapsible panel near the top of the screen. The title bar of the panel tells you for which questions the Story is used. If you want to free up space on the screen, click on the button at the top of the panel and the Story panel will collapse down to a single bar. You can reopen the panel at any time.

Once you have read the facts and question, select your answer choice and click Next. You may also click back to previous questions with the Prev button.

For your convenience, easy keyboard short cuts are available for collapsing the Story Panel, as well as next and Prev. These shortcuts will allow you to focus your time on answering questions rather than moving the mouse all over the screen.

If you have Immediate Feedback enabled, clicking Next will take you to the Results Screen for this question instead of moving you through more questions. You will get a pop up dialog at the end of the session where you can choose where you want to go next.

Results Screen (Click image for a larger view)

Exam Results screen

The Results Screen is similar to the Test Screen. Here you have the ability to see how you did on the question and the rule of law that applies to the right answer. Before you see the results for each individual question, you will get a pop-up window with a summary of how you did. You can access this pop-up window again from the Results Screen.

The top and bottom bars are similar to the Untimed Test Screen except you have an extra button on the top bar to view the Summary pop-up window again.

In the middle of the screen is a bar that tells you how you did on this question. If you answered the question incorrectly, the correct answer will be marked with a green check mark and your incorrect answer with a red X. If you answered the question correctly, your answer will show a green X.

PassRite MBE gives you lots of feedback on how you are doing. Use the "Q Stats" button at the top of the test and results screen to see your performance on the current question.

Question Stats (Click image for a larger view)

Question Stats screen

When you're in the Results screen, you can also see the statistics on your latest study session by clicking on the "Summary" button.

Session Summary (Click image for a larger view)

Question Stats screen


You can get more comprehensive statisitics by clicking on the History and Stats button on the Main Screen. This will show you cunulative statistics per category as well as results on each study session you have ever done. All statistics can be filtered by date. This allows you to track your progress in several different ways.

Cumulative History (Click image for a larger view)

Cumulative History screen

Study Session History (Click image for a larger view)

Study Session History screen

Design Philosophy

PassRite MBE is designed to increase your speed and accuracy on the types of questions you will see on the real exam. You can start off working at your own pace and gradually work up to the pressure of the real test, or you can jump right in with a simulation of the actual exam. It's all up to you.

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System Requirements

Windows 98 or later
500MHz P3 or AMD Athlon

Windows 2000 or later
700 MHz P3 or P4 or AMD Athlon


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