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General Questions

Here's my situation:

Installation and Activation

Privacy Concerns

General Questions

  1. What's the meaning of the company name ?
  2. Sol is the Latin astronomical name for the sun. We just liked it.

  3. Can I pay with a credit card ?
  4. We use Paypal for online payments. However, you do not need a Paypal account to pay with a credit card. When you get to the Paypal payment page, it will ask you for your Paypal login, but there is also a line that says:

    "If you do not currently have a PayPal account, Click Here"

    If you click on that button, you will be able to pay with a credit card just like any other online payment system. No Paypal is account necessary. If you do have a PayPal account, you can use it by logging in and paying us just like you would for any similar online purchase.

  5. What is your shipping policy?
  6. If you order the CD option, the CD will be shipped directly to you. It usually takes about a week for delivery. Even if you want a CD, you can still download the program immediately as soon as your transaction is processed.

  7. What is your return policy?
  8. We encourage you to try the demo before you buy. Due to the nature of software, we cannot give you a refund unless you are unable to get the software to work on your computer after you have exhausted all remedies our technical support department can provide.

  9. Why are your products so inexpensive compared to other bar exam materials?
  10. Getting a law degree is expensive enough. Why should you be further impoverished to pass the bar exam? We follow the philosophies introduced by Borland software back in the late 1980s that software shouldn't be prohibitively expensive, and licensing agreements should be clear, concise, and user-friendly.

Here's my situation:

  1. I am moving or working in another state and I need to take the bar again.
  2. It is a sad fact of life that many states require that you take the bar again when you move, or if you want to practice in more than one state. PassRite is an ideal tool to refresh your recollection and get you back up to speed on the types of questions you will see on the MBE and/or MPRE. It will point out areas of law that you need to brush up on before you take the exam again.

  3. I failed the MBE and/or the MPRE the first time and I need to re-take it,
  4. About 25% of people fail the bar the first time. Many times students feel rushed, or have trouble spotting the critical parts of the issue in the question. Some simply run out of time to review their answers. PassRite will help you improve your performance so these factors no longer are relevant. It will improve your answering speed and accuracy, and get you comfortable with the pace of the test. Many bar review tools have lengthy and complex explanations for why the correct answer is the right one along with why the others are incorrect. That's all well and good, but it doesn't give you "sound bite" rules that you can memorize and retrieve quickly. You can use them to rapidly spot the issue in a question and identify the correct answer.

  5. I am taking the bar for the first time, along with a full service bar review course.
  6. You don't want to be part of the 25% that fail the first time. Taking the bar is a huge strain and you've already invested a tremendous amount of money and time to get this far. You want to pass the bar and get on with your career being a good lawyer! Even if you're taking a multi-week course, extra practice can make the difference between passing and failing. PassRite is convenient, easy to use, and affordable so you can get the edge you need to pass the first time.

Installation and Activation

  1. Can I install the software on more than one computer?

    All PassRite software is licensed to the individual, not the computer. You are allowed to install the software on up to 3 computers as long as you are the only person who will be using the software. If you legitimately need to install the software more than 3 times, contact us and we can authorize another use for your license. You may also move the license from computer to computer with a floppy disk, USB removable drive, or even temporarily park it on the internet. For moving a license, refer to the installation and activation document that is installed with the program.

  2. How do I activate the software

When you buy the program, you will get an e-mail with an activation code. After installing the software, you will be given three choices about how to activate the software immediately; or you can choose to activate it later. If you choose to activate it later, however, you will only have 7 days to use the program before it expires; thus, you will need to activate your copy before that time runs out.

The details of each activation method are described in the installation and activation document that is installed with the software. In brief they are:

DIRECT INTERNET ACTIVATION – This is the easiest way to activate. Simply enter the activation code we sent you when you bought the software and click “Activate”. If you are behind a corporate firewall, this may not work for you, although it will probably work for virtually everybody else.

BROWSER ACTIVATION – If you are behind a corporate firewall, you may not be able to communicate directly with the activation server, so using browser activation is another option. To activate with your browser, choose that option and enter the two numbers the website asks for. The first number is the activation code we sent you when you purchased the software and the other is an Installation ID you can view by selecting the Help->About menu choice from the license manager. The website will give you a code that you can use to finish activating the software. Write this down because you cannot get it again.

E-MAIL/PHONE ACTIVATION – If neither of the above work for you, you can send us an e-mail or phone us and we can give you the same code you would have received via the browser activation above.

Privacy Concerns

  1. Does the software install any spyware or other potentially malicious programs?
  2. NO!! We believe that installing anything on someone else’s computer without their knowledge is highly unethical.

  3. How will my contact information be used?
  4. Any information you give us will be only be used internally. If we ever e-mail you, it will either be in response to a support request by you, or possibly informing you of a new version or technical upgrade. We do not have “affiliates” or any other similar nefarious program. You will not get spammed by us and we will never sell or give your information to someone who is going to advertise to you.

  5. Does PassRite software “call home” over the internet?
  6. NO. The only time the software needs an internet connection is to activate the software over the net.