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Only $139.95!!

PassRite COMBO combines both PassRite MBE and PassRite MPRE into an affordable and convenient package you can install on up to 3 of your computers! This is a savings of $30 (US) compared to purchasing each program separately.

PassRite interactive software is not a bar review course. Its purpose is to help you to study for the exam by becoming familiar with the pace and types of questions you will see on the exam. Unlike many bar review products, we provide you with the best answer in short and to-the-point "sound bite" rules. This is by design. If you can memorize a concise rule of law and easily pick it out of the answer choices, you will save a tremendous amount of time. Your advantage will be that you will answer the questions quickly and will probably have time to go back and review your answers before time is up and you have to stop.

In law school you were required to explain your answers in depth, so this answer format may seem, on its face, to be a disadvantage. However, remember that the bar exam bears virtually no resemblance to a law school exam. On the MBE and MPRE, you have no opportunity to explain your answer. They are multiple choice tests with only 4 answers to pick from. Thus, the only thing you need to know is the correct rule of law to identify which of the 4 choices best fits the fact pattern in the question. That's exactly what we give you. No more and no less.

Additionally, the interface is user-friendly and effective but has no glitzy or distracting colors or animation. Again, this is by design. The goal is to have you pay attention to the content, not the wrapping.

In the COMBO, you will get all the same great features of both the MBE and MPRE programs.

These include:

  • Choice of timed or untimed study sessions
  • Feedback options (immediate or delayed until session is finished)
  • Ability to choose specific topics and number of questions to be presented
  • Full simulated MBE and MPRE exams
  • Tracking the progress of your learning through the History & Stats section
  • Ability to adjust font size in the Test & Results screens
  • Ability to clear and reset the History & Stats section
  • Artificial Intelligence that presents you with questions based on prior performanc
  • Complete versions of both the MPRE and MBE programs

At startup, you will get to select which program you wish to work with. From thereon, the program functions exactly the same way as if you had purchased each program by itself.

Module Selection

Module Selection

The MBE and MPRE portions have separate histories. Studying for the MBE will not interfere with your history information with the MPRE section and vice versa.

To see examples of the full features and benefits of PassRite MBE and/or PassRite MPRE, please go to their respective product pages.



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System Requirements

Windows 98 or later
500MHz P3 or AMD Athlon

Windows 2000 or later
700 MHz P3 or P4 or AMD Athlon