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Are you a creator or provider of study materials for a standardized test?

Sol Software may be able to help you. The PassRite test engine used for PassRite MBE and MPRE can easily be adapted to your test. If your study materials provide test questions in a pencil and paper format or you have software, but it is inadequate, let us work with you to adapt your questions to our PassRite engine which you can sell with your study materials.

The PassRite engine has the following features:

  • Can be used for any multiple choice or true-false format test
  • Offers the student many options about the way they want to study
  • Maintains a comprehensive history of previous study sessions so the student can monitor their progress
  • Has a choice of interfaces so the student can choose which is most comfortable for them
  • The engine is proven stable with only one bug found by an end user in 3 years on the market (no bugs means fewer tech support calls)

To get a look and feel for how the PassRite engine works, please download our demo of the PassRite Combo here .

How would this work?

Each case will be a little different, but we want to work with you to come up with a win/win solution for both of us. We know times are tight, but now is the time to improve product offerings because the best products are the ones that are going to attract the customers.

If you choose to use our engine in your study material package, we would require a modest up front fee to convert your current test questions to our format. If they exist in some electronic format such as Microsoft Word, or a database, conversion should only take a week or so and would be fairly straight forward. If you cannot provide your questions in electronic format, they can be converted, but it will probably take longer and may cost more. We can only convert questions for which you own the copyright, or for which you can obtain permission from the copyright holder for this conversion.

Any modifications to our engine to accomodate your test format will normally be done for free. If you want to add other features to the engine, that can be negotiated for an additional fee.

After conversion of the questions, we will prepare an installation package for your customers to use. You will be charged a royalty fee per copy of the software you sell to your customers. If you want us to do the tech support for you, we can do so for an added fee.

Is there an online version available?

No, PassRite is an application that installs under Windows. As with anything, there are pros and cons to both an online application and one that installs on the customer's computer.

  • An applicaiton installed on the client's computer doesn't require an internet connection - wireless internet is becoming ubiquitous, but it can be slow and spotty. An application running on their computer will never drop out.
  • An online version requires more support and website bandwidth - PassRite is a stable product with no known bugs (only one has been found by a customer in 3 years). Because of this, support is inexpensive. Maintaining an online version requires someone to support the application on the website and deal with problems that arise, many of which are not directly under our control like problems on the web server or internet connectivity problems. Tech support is expensive, for many software companies, it is their biggest expense. We prefer to put a product out there that isn't going to have problems, which is both cheaper for tech support and a more positive experience for the customer.
  • An online version can charge per use - This may look like an advantage, and some companies offering online applications are making a lot of money "nickle and diming" their customers. However, the customers do notice and they often are not happy about it. Give the customer a pleasant buying and usage experience and they are more likely to tell their friends about your products, which has more potential to make money in the end.
  • Please contact us so we can discuss converting your study materials to PassRite today!